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River Bonds Valley was the town everyone wanted to live in. But something has happened and everyone is on their toes. ~Change is coming, and a new power will rise. ~
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June 2012

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 Deception's Gates
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PostSubject: Show the Colours (LB)   Show the Colours (LB) I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 21, 2012 2:10 pm

Show the Colours (LB) StCAdvertBannerByDoc

Welcome to the Napoleonic Wars.

The year is 1809. It is May.  Armies are on the move to fight battles that will decide the fate of nations.

The Army:

Five months ago, the British were driven from the Peninsula, fighting every
step of the way. But now... Now it is time to fight again.

Sir Arthur Wellesley is the last hope for the British army in Portugal.  Can he take them from defeat to victory? 

~ ~ ~

The Navy:

Four years ago, the British fleet defeated France and Spain in battle.  In
the hour of victory, their leader was killed. Britain gained control of
the seas... or did she? 

There are rumours that the French are rebuilding their broken fleet, wishing to rise again.  Will they succeed?

~ ~ ~

This is a world at war.  From battles at sea to skirmishes on land to the
secret fact-finding missions of spies of both sides, there is danger at
every turn.  There is friendship and camaraderie, too.  But the clouds
are gathering.

Where do your loyalties lie?

~ ~ ~

~ Show the Colours is open to all role-players from beginners to intermediate.
~ We have been around since May 2008, so we are not a flash in the pan.
~ We have a small but friendly group of players, based mainly in Europe and America.
~ We accept characters from most of the major AoS series and canons.
~ We also accept original characters and historical people.
~ A knowledge of the period is not essential, but you should be willing to learn.
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Show the Colours (LB)
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