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River Bonds Valley was the town everyone wanted to live in. But something has happened and everyone is on their toes. ~Change is coming, and a new power will rise. ~
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June 2012

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 Devil May Cry;; A Literate Post-Series RP

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PostSubject: Devil May Cry;; A Literate Post-Series RP   Devil May Cry;; A Literate Post-Series RP I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 2:27 am

Devil May Cry;; A Literate Post-Series RP Ladyad
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[blockquote][blockquote] The world changed when Sanctus and The Savior were destroyed. The Order of the Sword was shattered, its followers lost with the majority of their prominent figures killed during their failed attempt to cleanse the world of Demons. The Fortuna burned as various factions of the Order attempted to take control. Dante, Lady, Trish, and Nero all went their separate ways. Devil May Cry found a new surge of business and the Son of Sparda never went without a pizza. The Order of the Sword still inhabited the city but had taken a more peaceful stance on its worship of Sparda. Fortuna City was still their home and most of its populace was still faithful to the religion but it had also attracted others after its restructuring. Ambitious merchants, entrepeneurs, and normal people looking for a new place to live. It was on the path to becoming a notable city in its own right and escaping the The Savior’s shadow.

Everything seemed to be back to normal and it took several months for anyone to realize that things were, in fact, very different.

Demons still invaded the Human World, but did so less frequently over time. A new surge of Demon Hunters, inspired by stories of the events in Fortuna along with several other events in the past, had made it much more difficult for weaker devils to wreak their usual form of chaos. Stronger demons had to play it safe, stay in the shadows and use guile to subvert humans instead of brute force or to stick to the outskirts of civilization. The demons that couldn’t control their violent urges almost always found themselves hunted. The surge of inexperienced Devil Hunters did give rise to strong demons, however. Several of the hellspawn used the flow of easy meat to hone their own skills before returning to the Demon World to wait for the proper moment. It seemed like humanity finally had a chance in the ongoing battle with the forces of evil. Then the Angels came.

Two figures wrapped in shining armor and carried by feathered wings dropped out of the sky above Fortuna City, burning the air around them like comets as they did. They stopped above the Order Headquarters and proclaimed their identity to every citizen. They were the Archangels Gabriel and Michael and they were here to deliver Mankind.

The flurry of attention the two figures attracted only worked to their advantage. They traveled the civilized world and made no secret of their intentions. The Seven Sins, powerful demons thought lost and sealed after Temin-ni-gru’s previous summoning, were to be killed. By destroying the incarnations of each of the deadly sins, Gabriel and Michael would allow mankind to ascend to a demi-god like status. They would be free from the threat of Demons forever and God would open the shining gates of Heaven to all of them. No more sin, no more evil. They even stated they had already destroyed one, the demon known as Pride. People flocked to Fortuna City and the Order of the Sword quickly became the Archangel’s official church. Devoted acolytes swept across the globe to hunt down any hint of where the Sins might be.

Demons took notice too and several powerful figures stirred for the first time in decades, in centuries, at the threat presented by the two figures. Attacks spiked in activity after nearly a year and a half of relative peace and were focused on the followers of the Angels. Those skeptical about the Angels, Dante and the others associated with the Devil May Cry shop included, found themselves swamped with business. Trish set out to investigate these holy beings and the world plunged into chaos once again.[/blockquote][/blockquote]
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Devil May Cry;; A Literate Post-Series RP
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