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River Bonds Valley was the town everyone wanted to live in. But something has happened and everyone is on their toes. ~Change is coming, and a new power will rise. ~
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June 2012

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 (Open) Taking a break

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Axel James

Axel James

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PostSubject: (Open) Taking a break   (Open) Taking a break I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 13, 2012 11:59 pm

Axel had replaced his usual shirt and trousers for something a lot more comfortable today. Today he sported a black leather jacket and jeans, it was one of those days where he felt the need to kick back and relax. The business could wait one day so the suit was off and the ipod was out.

After a few minutes jog through the forest he decided to sit down at the roots of one of the bigger trees. It never did hurt to catch a few minutes alone, that was until he heard the snapping of a twig over the music playing through his head phones. "Hello?"

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Chessy Shire
Gregory Adams High School Student
Chessy Shire

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PostSubject: Re: (Open) Taking a break   (Open) Taking a break I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 11:27 am

Chessy pulled out her phone and checked the time. She really had no reason to keep track of it, seeing as she had nothing but free time on her hands. Her time would probably be better spent working on homework, but she just couldn't bring herself to care about algebraic expressions and the periodic table. Plus she hadn't been on a walk through the forest in a while, so she couldn't resist the chance to go when she realized her schedule was empty. Running her hand along the trunks of the trees, she debated on whether or not to listen to music. She finally decided not to, figuring she might as well listen to the birds and the soothing sound of the small creeks scattered throughout the forest, and because she'd forgotten her MP3 player at home. Lost in her thoughts, she tripped over the roots of a tree, narrowly missing a rather large spider web. Quickly taking a step back, she jumped at the sound of a guy's voice. Cautiously walking to the otherside of a rather big tree, she saw there was indeed a guy. "Uhm..hey?"

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...if home is where the heart is
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(Open) Taking a break
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